Brightermonday Kenya Jobs | How To Register For Brightermonday Kenya Jobs

Brightermonday Kenya Jobs – Are you a graduate or non-graduate and yet you are still unemployed? Have you been searching for jobs outside and within your country? Well, this is the golden opportunity for you when you apply for brightermonday Kenya job you are sure to get your desired job, for brightermonday partners with Kenyan’s top employers.

On today’s article, I will be teaching you on how to Register For Brightermonday Kenya Jobs and be just one step away from having your dream job, our job offer ranges from white collar jobs to brown collar jobs. this is sure a platform to end your job search and become an employee.

Remember that Brightermonday Kenya Jobs App can be downloaded on the google play store and installed on your android devices. this app helps you search for latest jobs in east Africa, create job alerts and hear about the latest career opportunity. Brightermonday app has made job searching very easy, giving you access to thousands of jobs.

You can also get Brightermonday Kenya Jobs Apps which gives you updates about job alert, But before we exhaust the day lets move to the business of the day.

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How To Register For Brightermonday Kenya Jobs

1. Firstly, on your browser enter the URL below “” for your sign up process.

2. When the page opens, Select amongst the three countries that will be presented on the home page just as seen in the picture below.

3. At the top right corner of the homepage, you are provided with three categories like JOB SEEKERS | EMPLOYERS | CAREER CENTER

3. Click on “job seekers sign up” since you searching for a job.

4. On the next page, fill in the form below by entering your details e.g email address, first name, last name, location, country code, phone number, date of birth, gender.

Brightermonday Kenya Jobs | How To Register For Brightermonday Kenya Jobs

5. Click on the click on “next” button to take you to the next document.

6. Make sure you filled it correctly, then click on “sign up“.

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Brightermonday Kenya Jobs Login Steps

1. Just like steps to register brightermonday jobs for Kenya, enter into the address bar ““.

2. Click on “login” button on the top bar of the home page.

3. Fill the login form by entering your detail e.g email/username & password.

4. Then click on Login

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