Canada Visa Lottery 2017-2018 Application Form- How To Apply

Canada visa lottery 2017-2018 Application: Getting the Right Information on Visa Lottery is an important issue for many people all over the world, as getting the right information is very difficult. This post is all about applying for the Canada visa lottery 2017/2018 Application form. People have been looking for Visa lottery for this countries for various reasons, such as living and working there, to study there and so on.

Canada visa lottery 2017-2018 ApplicationPlease note that there are different types of Visa you can apply for, other than Canada Visa Lottery 2017/2018. The type visa you apply depends on the country and the reason you are applying for a particular country. But we are focusing on how to apply for the Canada Visa Lottery 2017/2018 lottery with respect to the few countries offering these services.

Canada is one of the ideal countries in the world for immigration and settlement. If you are an aspiring Canadian immigration, this post is specially designed for you, so you can get extensive information on the complete Canadian visa lottery application form.

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Types of VISA Issued By Canada visa lottery:

  • Visitor visa
  • Pilgrimage visa
  • Diplomat visa
  • Transit visa
  • Farmworker visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Study visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Business Visa

List Of Immigration Program In Canada Visa Lottery 2017

  • skilled immigrants (express entry program) program
  • Canadian experience class program
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers
  • start-up visa program
  • family sponsorship program
  • self-employed person program
  • provincial nominee program
  • refugee program

Other Visa Lottery To Apply For Includes:

American Visa Lottery 2017/2018

American Visa lottery application is the best among them and is done every year and only eligible people are qualified to apply. This means that if your country is not eligible to apply for the American Lottery Visa 2017/2018, you can not apply.

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To sign up for American Lottery Visa, we recommend that you first contact the US Embassy in the Country to check if there is a Visa lottery application for your country or simply go to the official DV-Lottery website for Information. The American visa is known as the green card is usually to be offered the United States Department for qualified applicants.

Canada Visa Lottery 2017-2018 Application Guidelines

1. Visit

2. Choose your evaluation form

3. your contact information

4. provide all your personal profile

5. your language skills

6. Personal net worth and make sure you do not under or overestimate it.

7.Work history

8. Click on the submit button etc

If you want us to help you with more information about the Canada visa lottery 2017/2018 registration, kindly use the comment box for your questions we are here to guide you on how to register for your visa.


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