How To Download Free Youtube Video | Youtube Video Download

Youtube Video Download | How To Download Free Youtube Video:  Youtube Video Download is one of the most popular video downloading website that contains over 2000 millions of video online. youtube is a place where the user can download, upload, share videos such as movie premier, music video, football highlights and lots more. For more update, you can subscribe to get the latest trending movies online.Youtube only allows users to watch videos online, but here on this post am going to teach you how to download videos online and also ho to upload your own videos to youtube using the following

1. By using Application software

2. by using direct links

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 Youtube Video Download Using Application Software

You can now easily download video from youtube into your computer system. by downloading an application software called Kipvid

This is a software that allows you to download videos directly from youtube.

To get this software installed on your PC you need to install the javascript first. this javascript will allow the Kipvid to install properly.

1. Go to your browser and search for the Kipvid software

2. Download the Kipvid software and install

3. After the installation of the Kipvid software, Then on your browser go to

4. With the search box, Search for the video you want to download

5. Copy the URL address of the video you want to download

5. Paste the copied URL into the Kipvid searching box and click on search

6. Choose the format and size of the video you want to download eg 3gp video, mp4video format etc

7. Click on download to start your download.

 Youtube Video Download Using Direct Link

You can also download video without any application. Right from the video page using any browser, just follow the steps below for easy download

1. Using your browser visit

2. Search for the video you want to download

3. Open the video to watch it online

4. for the URL address bar, delete the https;/www. and then add ss to link you to savefrom download

5. Choose the format and size of the video you want to download

6. Click on download to start downloading.

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