DSTV Online Payment | How To Subscribe My DSTV Online Via ATM Card

DSTV Online Payment – Have you wasting time transporting and queuing up in a DSTV office or bank waiting to subscribe your DSTV channels? For those of you who have been doing such, On this post, i will be showing you how you can save your precious time in subscribing for DSTV by just sitting back at home and pay for or subscribe your DSTV using your private computer and mobile phone with the help of Quickteller.

To make your DSTV Online Payment now, they are two best methods which are the mobile phone or PC method and Atm Card method. Now, lets move to the business of the day.

DSTV Online Payment Using Mobile phone or PC

In using this method to subscribe your Dstv channels are that is required of you is a PC or Android phone that is connected to the internet, here are what to do

1. On your Android phone or PC, visit the official site of Quickteller.

2. When the page opens, Locate the MAKE PAYMENT button

3. Select the type of transaction e.g CABLE TV BILLS and then click on Dstv

DSTV Online Payment

4. Under the select or type a payment option, select your bouquet

5. Enter your smart card serial number and other required information and then click on the continue button

6. Enter the name that you used when registering for the DSTV.

7. Review all the details you entered to make sure that they are all correct to avoid mistakes

8. Click on the PAY button

9. Choose the type of debit card that you are using.

10. Enter the debit card information and then click on the PAY button.

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DSTV Subscription Payment Using ATM Card

Follow the step below in order to pay with your Atm card

1. Visit any bank around your location

2. Slot in your Atm card into the Atm machine

3. Enter your 4 digit password

4. On the Atm machine, Select pay bill from the options that are displayed in the teller machine.

5. Choose the type of account that you have with the bank

6. Select DSTV payment

7. Enter your Dstv smart card number

8. Finally, Click on Accept.

Now that you have subscribed using either of the two methods all you need to do is to go home, turn on your Dstv decoder select any channels and wait patiently for 10 – 15 minutes for your subscription to be activated.

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If you made any mistake while using the DSTV Online Payment method do not panic, all you have to do is to

1. Pick your mobile phone, go to message and text RA alongside with the ten digit number in your smart card to 30333. Your issue will be resolved.

If you encounter any challenge with this methods, Kindly use the comment box to let us know and we all get back to you immediately. Don’t go without sharing this article with your friends using the share buttons below.

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