How To Unlock Your Android Phones, Tecno Phones & Other Phones

unlock your android phonesUnlock your android phones now withing few minutes Here is an easy step on how to unlock you Tecno android phone when ever you forget your password or pattern. Just follow this procedures to unlock your phone manually without any panic, this procedure will take you just few minutes and you are done with the unlocking.

The following steps will guide you on how to unlock your Android phones.

Before doing anything you are advice to switch off your Android phone and remove your battery first.

-Step1. Remove your sim card and memory card from the phone to save you from losing your  documents, contacts or files contained on your sim or phone.

-Step2: switch off your phone your phone again.

-Step3: press and hold and hold the volume up + home(center) button.

-Step4: while holding the two keys above press the power button until the android phone vibrates.

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-Step5: when the phone vibrates keep holding the two keys until the android logo sows up then release your hands from the power button.

-Step6: on the android logo you have the following,

Factory mode

-auto test

-manual test

-item test

-item report

-debug test

-clear eMMC



-Step7: scroll down with your volume down button to clear eMMC.

-Step8: press the power button to accept your selection and click yes to perform action.

-Step9: press the power button again after the format action to restart your phone.

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With these steps followed properly your android phones is already unlocked, bookmark us at for more services.

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