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MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017: Good News, this is to inform the general public that the application for MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017 For African Student is now ongoing, interested Applicants should apply here.

MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017MTN Solution Space Scholarship Description

The MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017 For African Student is open to candidates applying for either Master in business Administration or Masters in philosophy in inclusive innovation at the University of Capetown Graduate school of business.

The goal of the scholarships offered at the Solution Space is to nurture a new generation of leaders, teaching them to see past “business as usual”.

MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017 Eligibility

1. Applicants must be a citizen of an African country and a Permanent Resident for at least 1 year.

2. Applicants should apply to pursue either the MBA or the MPhil in Inclusive Innovation program at the UCT GSB. Applicants will only be able to take up the MTN Scholarship if successfully admitted to the UCT GSB program. For full details about the MBA program or MPhil program, criteria and how to apply to the business school click here

3. Financial Need Criteria

Financial Need must be illustrated as follows:

  • Full declaration of all details required must be recorded in the space provided on the Affidavit for the MTN Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town


  • Details of all property and assets of any nature must be declared on the Affidavit provided.


  • UCT reserves the right to request that applicants furnish evidence of answers/statements on the application form.

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MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017 Selection Criteria 

The following criteria apply to the selection of MTN Scholars.

1. Applicant has started or worked in an entrepreneurial venture or demonstrated entrepreneurial and innovative strategies within an organization for at least one year. Applicants should be able to demonstrate experience or strong interest in their chosen focus area (education, health, smart cities). A track record of exploring or initiating innovative approaches in these sectors is preferable.

2. Applicants must demonstrate professional integrity, bold and visionary leadership, a spirit of innovation and inquisitiveness, active collaboration, entrepreneurial drive and a track record of action.

3. Applicants must demonstrate some need for the scholarship, through either previous work experience, personal background or demonstrated commitment to start a venture, which makes self-funding the program a significant burden.

The University of Cape Town reserves the right to disqualify ineligible, incomplete and/or inappropriate applications.

The University of Cape Town reserves the right to change the conditions of award or to make no awards at all.

The successful candidate will be required to:

  • be registered for a full or part-time study on the MBA/MPhil at the UCT Graduate School of Business;
  • comply with the University’s approved policies, procedures and practices for the postgraduate sector; and
  • take an entrepreneurial route in their studies (via research and elective choices) and contribute to the GSB’s Entrepreneurship or Technology Club

Value Of MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017

An MTN Scholarship is awarded for one or maximum of two years and covers the full cost of tuition and registration fees at UCT GSB, as set by the business school.

The Scholars can also apply for several types of funding on a discretionary basis. For example an economy-class travel allowance for Scholars traveling from their home country to the business school at the beginning and back home at the end of their degree program, a stipend, or to attend additional conferences or workshops, or conduct fieldwork and pilots.

How To Apply  For MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017

It is not possible to apply for an MTN Scholarship without applying to the business school.

Applicants must first be eligible and apply for the academic program at the UCT GSB (via the Admissions Office). For full details about the MBA program or MPhil Inclusive Innovation program, criteria and how to apply to the business school click here.

1. Applicants must submit the MTN Scholarship Application online form together with their UCT application number received from the UCT GSB Admissions Office. Required supporting documents include a CV and completed Affidavit.

2. Applicants are then notified if they are selected for an interview.

3. The final decision and award of the MTN Scholarship will be made by a Scholarship Selection panel, following which applicants will be informed by mid-December 2015. Applicants will only be able to take up the MTN Scholarship if successfully admitted to the UCT GSB program.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure they submit all documents required so they can be considered for both admission and an MTN Scholarship.

FAQs About The MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017

Have further questions? Here’s where to look for the answer.

1. Does the scholarship apply to international students not having lived in an African country?
Applicants must be South African or African citizens and must have been a permanent resident in South Africa or an African country for at least one year prior to applying.

2. Does the scholarship apply to programs at any other university?

The scholarship only applies to the MBA or MPhil studies at the University of Cape Town’s, Graduate School of Business.

3. Would the scholarship be available to Modular students as well?
Yes, it will be.

4. I have completed the online scholarship application; do you need anything else from me?
Please see UCT GSB application processes here.

5. What supporting documents do I need to send with my application?

We require applicants to supply the following documents in support of their application:

  • Your UCT GSB student registration number.
  • A copy of your CV.
  • A completed Affidavit.

6. Will I have any obligations to work for MTN after graduation?
No, the MTN Scholarships’ overarching mission is to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa as well as creating over time a network of next generation TMT leaders across the continent.


1. Applications opens: June 2017

2. Applications Deadline: 31 October 2017

3. Scholarship Shortlisting: November 2017

4. Shortlisted Applicant invited for interview: Mid November 2017

5. Interviews: Late November 2017

6. We advise that you begin your application as early as possible and do not wait until the deadline.

7. Once your application has been received, a shortlisting committee will evaluate your application using our selection criteria for the Scholarship, to produce a final interview list.

8. We hold interviews in late November. If you are unable to attend in person we will interview you by Skype or phone. We aim to tell you within a week of the interview whether you have been successful.

If you want us to help you with information at the right time about the MTN Solution Space Scholarship 2017, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. also feel free to ask your question anytime. Also, share this information with your friends via twitter, Facebook, google plus, WhatsApp using the share button.


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