Nigeria International Passports Application Requirements | How To Apply

Nigeria International Passports: The Nigeria International Passports is a very important document issued to Nigerian citizens to travel outside the country. For the Nigerian citizens who love traveling outside the country, I believe you all have your international passports. But for those who don’t own one, here is a guide on how to go about the Nigeria International Passports Application, Requirements involved and steps on how to apply.Here is an offline mode on how to apply for the Nigeria International Passports which involves visiting the Nigeria Immigration Service office to apply.

Types Of Nigeria International Passports Booklets

Nigeria International PassportsIn Nigeria, we have two main types of booklets in the Immigration Office when applying for Nigeria International Passports which are:

1. The 32-Page Passport Booklet &

2. The 64-Page Passport Booklet

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Nigeria International Passports Requirements

The basic requirements for the Nigeria International Passports are as follows

1. Between 18yrs – 60yrs old

  • Local Government letter of identification.
  • Birth certificate / age declaration.
  • 2 recent color passport photographs
  • Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
  • Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
  • Marriage certificate where applicable
  • Police report in case of lost passport

Note :

The guarantor must possess any 2 of the under listed documents

1. A valid E-passport

2. Valid National Identity Card

3. Valid National drivers license

4. Voters Card

If you are below 18yrs old

Birth Certificate or National population commission(NPC) registration of birth

Local Government letter of identification.

2 recent color passport photographs

Letter of consent from both parent with 2 passport photographs and a photograph of their identity or international passport.

How To Apply For Nigeria International Passports

The procedures shown here is for offline application only:

1. Visit any Immigration Office in the state where you are Or visit the NIS official website here.

2. Collect and fill the information needed on application form correctly.

3. After filling the form correctly, attach your original copy of the following documents

Date of birth certificate

Local Government letter of identification.

A photocopy will be made to attach with the form you filled, then your original copy will be returned to you.

4. Also, attach 2 recent photographs passports of you with the form and photocopied documents.

5. Submit your form for approval, where you will be called upon for biometrics and image acquisition

6. Wait patiently for your Nigeria passport booklet to be printed

7. Once the passport is printed, you will be required to go to the approval room for your data to be linked with the passport number, linking it online in such a way that whenever your passport number is typed in an online official portal, your data will appear as the owner of the Nigeria International Passport.

Cost For The Nigeria International Passport

Just as the booklets differs also the cost differs for The Nigeria International Passport Application. Usually, it’s cost from N20,000 upwards. But when you get to the NIS office you will the available prices depending on the applicant’s age, booklet type etc.

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