Nigerian Top Richest Politicians (Update)

Top Richest Politicians In Nigeria

Richest Politicians In Nigeria – Today, you will get to know all the Nigerian Top Richest Politicians, they names and net worth. These are men who are piloting the affairs of a country called NIGERIA, and it will amaze you how these people live a lascivious lives.

Not only that you will know these Nigerian Top Richest Politicians, you will also know the banks that they store their money.

Nigerian Top Richest Politicians
Nigerian Top Richest Politicians

Names                   Banks                                               Amount

1. Okorocha          JP Morganchase/ New York      $1.4 billion

2. Kwankwaso      American express/New York   $1.15 billion

3. Shettima           Wells Fargo/ San Francisco     $1.1 billion

4. Nyako               Citi group/ New York city         $805 million

5. Ibrahim            Citi group/ New York city         $798 million

7. Amaechi          US Bancorp/ Minnesota             $757 million

8. Abdulaziz       Ally financial/ Detroit                  $626 million

9. Oshiomole     BB&T/ North Carolina                 $625 million

10. Aregbesola   Citi group/ new York                    $513 million

11. Al-makura    State street corporation &            $510 million

12. Wamakko     Wells Fargo/ San Francisco        $476 million

13. Fashola         Citi group/ New York                    $448 million

14. Amosun        Bank of America                            $442 million

15. Ahmed          US Bancorp                                    $437 million

16. Ajimobi        Ally financial                                   $422 million

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