Republicans Calls President Obama a Muslim

Many of the Republicans think that the first black president of the United States Barack Obama is a Muslim. According to an investigation carried out by the Public Policy Polling discovered that 54 percent of Republican voters believe the US president is a Muslim.

According to the survey, 32 percent of respondents said they were not sure whether Obama is a Christian or Muslim. Just 14 percent of Republican voters believed Obama was a Christian.

The US president has been very open about his Christian faith when he was commenting through holidays such as Easter.

The new survey that was obtained by MSNBC was conducted over the past week.

Republicans Calls President Obama a Muslim

President Obama’s religion and his birthplace have been points of argument since he won the presidential vote in the United States in 2008. The president’s father was born in Kenya.

His father met Stanley Ann Dunham, a white woman from Kansas, later then, he left Kenya as a young man to study at the University of Hawaii.

The fathers return to Kenya when the son was two years old. They see each other once more when the son was 10 years old.

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