Saraki Fails to Appear Before the Code of Conduct Tribunal Trial Again

Nigerian Senate president Bukola Saraki, has failed to appear before the Code of Conduct Tribunal Trial as at 11:40 on September 21 in Abuja. Senator Saraki was only needed in the Tribunal to take a simple plea of guilty or not guilty on a 13-count charge of fake declaration of assets.

The court room is already full to the edge, with many loyalties of the Senate president, legislators and reporters.

The tribunal gave out a bench warrant against Saraki on September 18, Friday, giving order to the police to arrest him and bring him to trial on Monday.

Meanwhile, the police said that did not get any warrant to effect the arrest and Senate president himself tweeted he was not covering, to evade the prosecution.

Also, President Muhammadu Buhari has dismissed rumors saying that he didn’t know anything about Saraki’s trial.

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