Steps To Recover Data from Samsung Phones Using MoboKin doctor

Steps To Recover Data from Samsung Phones – Whenever you want to recover your data from the internal memory of Samsung phones, you need to root the samsung phones. You may google or search over XDA forums for how to root your device.

Before then you are required to enable the USB debugging feature on the phone. For Android users 4.2 and later, you only need to tap the build number in about phone for about 3 three times.

This will unlock a developer option part which can be accessed from the settings part.

Then check the USB debugging. For Android users 2.3 and earlier, go to settings, then applications, then development and then check USB debugging.

After checking the debugging, connect the device to your computer. MoboKin doctor is currently present for both Windows and Mac platform. Once you connect it, it will show a run button, just click that.

You may have to click the ‘OK’ button to let the USB debugging start.

After searching, it will display all type of files such as contacts, MP3 files etc. All the existed files and the deleted files will be marked in different colors for your convenience. Now you will only get to see the preview of the files and not the actual files. To get all the data on the desktop, just mark the deleted files you need and click the ‘recover’ button. It will automatically save all your deleted data and files on desktop directly.

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