Top Tips On How To Increase Your IQ

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge or skills, it is the common denominator to everything we do in life; and improving your intellect is one of the most important thing you can do for your self.

So while this tips won’t turn you to Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs, rather they will help you to develop and polish your current intelligence and make your mind work better. if you are just looking for something to boost your IQ scale.

I personally feel that IQ test is for vast and intelligence is too vast of a concept to standardize and bring down mere members.
This tips according to research will have a positive effect on your IQ, Psychologist do believe that IQ does change over your lifetime, but still some do not believe, so I recommend to take everything “intelligence” with a grain of salt and do what feels good for you. “everybody” is a genius .

But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its  lifetime thinking it’s stupid. Einstein” I think the following tips will be very valuable in keeping your brain sharp and healthy and i strongly feel that just like a muscle, with everyday practice you can make your mind do powerful and amazing things, So i believe you can find the following tips beneficial and as time comes you can grow your intelligence and unlock the true potentials of your mind.


1. Read more : Intelligence begins with reading, the more you read, the more you assimilate and therefore the more intelligent you will be.

2. Set goals : Goals create structure in life and only through proper structure you can increase your intelligence. People without goals in life end up terminating their destiny and live as useless ans unworthy life. When one sets his goals , he will likely be on top.

3. Meditate : When you meditate, you calm your brain and enter into the world of solitude. this peace and tranquility is crucial in building intellect.

4. Exercise regularly : Exercise keeps your body fit, fine-tuned and energetic; it is a great way to increase your productivity and intelligence. it also helps you in co-ordinating and gaining comfort which is required in thinking.

5. Make connection : Don’t wait for ideas to become clear. Always be on the edge and make connections between things and bring solution to problems through strategic manner.

6. Draw diagram and chats : Try to organize your thoughts using diagrams and chat whenever possible. This reorganization is very helpful in increasing intellect and improving brain productivity.

7. Eat brain foods : There are many food which have been associated with the brain functionality and health, these foods includes dark green vegetables, fish oil and nuts. try to incorporate as much as brain food into your diet.


Hope this tips will help you to develop your brain and mind, in order to archive your goals and also don’t forget to drop your comment on the comment box and also share this tips with your friends.

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