USA Visa Lottery 2017 Registration Form- See How To Apply

Apply now for the USA Visa Lottery. Dreaming of traveling outside the country? the life opportunity for you is here to travel out side the country when you apply for the USA visa lottery 2017/2018 application form. Now you will be able to travel to USA, in this post we will be talking about USA visa lottery 2017/2018 application form and how to apply.

USA is an advanced country with excellent living standards, high social protection level, excellent salary, lovely people, immigration to USA is popular among people all over the world. Here are some helpful tips on USA visa application 2017.

What is a VISA?

Visa is a conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreigner, allowing them to enter and temporarily remain within, or to leave that country.


Here are the USA visa lottery that one can apply for, this will help you when apply for your visa.

  •  Visitors visa
  •  Student visa
  •  Tourist visa
  •  Skilled worker visa
  •  Diplomat visa
  •  Farm worker visa
  •  Transit visa and many more.

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To start your application / registration processes for the USA Visa  simply follow the steps below.

1. Visit

2. Fill the online application form, when filling the application you have to provide the following:

  • Choose your evaluation form
  •  Contact information
  •  Personal profile
  •  Personal net worth and make sure you do not under or over estimate it.
  •  Language skill
  •  Work history etc
  • Click on submit.

Looking for a work visa or professional work visa, you must possess the required adequate knowlegde and experience to qualify for the work. you can also contact the nearest visa office for more info or you can visit the website to make more inquiries about the USA over the programme.


For those that will be selected by the green card lottery programme will immediately get a green card and the can now travel to the United States with their family ever to live and work there in USA.

If you want us to help you with more information about the USA visa lottery 2017 registration form, kindly use the comment box for your questions we are here to guide you on how to register for your visa. Always remember to bookmark us at for more info THANKS!

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