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  1. william elenwo says:

    I a member for over 7 days now I have made payment and I have referred six people but I have not been matched to receive my referral earning none my payment,what should i do,I have sent email .

  2. william elenwo says:

    I also referred some one on Monday and I got paid on Tuesday my is still on the air what should I do

  3. stanley obiesie says:

    I made payment to but I cannot send payment proof everything just change Pls direct me on what to now

  4. My is more then a week now and I have referred six people who have made payment and have been confirmed but my my referral earning is not showing

  5. Hi admin I made my first payment to claritta on Feb 2nd and the second payments on 16th Feb. Till now for christ sake I’ve not been matched. What is going on pls…

  6. george ojadi says:

    I registered and made payments and also referred 5 persons. On Sunday 26, ABIMBOLA BABATUNDE was matched to pay me 1500 but has refused to pay. I have received my referral bonus also
    Please help..

  7. george ojadi says:

    I mean to say that I HAVE NOT RECEIVED my referral bonus/

  8. william elenwo says:

    Mine I going to three weeks now I have not been matched my referral earning is not showing for six people I referred (William elenwo)william 2014

  9. william elenwo says:

    Mine is more then three weeks now nothing to show for no referral wearing no payment

  10. KELECHIALI says:

    For three months I have not been merged,I referred one person till I have not seen any payment.please what do I do?

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