www.jobsforall.com – Nigeria’s unemployment portal Register Now

www.jobsforall.com – Nigeria’s unemployment portal: Following the opening of the Nigeria’s unemployment portal www.jobsforall.com by the Federal Government which was lunch earlier on this year. 

www.jobsforall.com is a Government platform where all nigerian can register and have free access to apply for government jobs as wellas privat jobs sectors.

www.jobsforall.com - Nigeria’s unemployment portal

The jobsforall portal was primary developed to connect the unemployed youths with the possible job opprtuinitiesin the government & private sectors, This portal facilitates registration of job seekers, Employers, skill providers. The platform exists not only for job seekers but also for employers.


The portal provides job matching services, career placement, career profiling in a highly transparent and user friendly manner.

Benefits Of www.jobsforall.com  – Nigeria’s unemployment portal

Find Advisors Providing Career And Skills Advice

  • By signing up for this portal you will gain access to appointments with government advisors who provide career and skills counseling, sign up for the latest job fairs and vacancies

Find And Employ The Right Person

  • Are you an employer? Want to spend less time and resources searching for the right employee? Jobsforall.ng is the right place to search. Sign up for your job ads to reach a wider network of jobseekers across the country.

Offers A Wide Career Options

  • We invite you to a meeting with career and career counselors, sign up for the latest job fairs and vacancies.

How To Apply For www.jobsforall.com Nigeria’s unemployment portal

1. Register As Employer: are you an employer? register now to benefit from the fetures of this portal. Get Qualified & Intersted Applicants to fill that vacant positon within your organization. to regiter as an employer, CLICK HERE TO APPLY

2. Register As A Job Seeker/Unemployed: Are you still searching for a job?  All you have to do is to Add your details, CV and become part of the job creation and skills development. Search for vacancies from different sectors, ranging from construction to Telecommunication, IT to Banking.


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