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Apply for N-Power Recruitment Form 2016 For Unemployed Graduates

The Federal Government are inviting all interested Nigerian Graduates to apply for N-Power Recruitment Form 2016. The online application for N-Power Recruitment which is designed for Unemployed Graduates in Nigeria is now open for applicants who may wish to apply.

The N-Power programme application form is for any eligible Nigerians that posses NYSC certificate for graduates, and for  non-graduates can use their O-level to apply.

What Is N-power Recruitment For Unemployed Graduates

The N-Power Recruitment programme is a poverty eradication program incited by the federal government of Nigeria is aimed at employing 500,000 Nigerian youths to be empowered teachers, agriculture extension advisers, healthcare assistants, and civic and adult education instructors and lots more.

What will I benefits from Npower?

Immediately you register online at the npower website which is www.Npower.gov.ng, N-Power teachers corps will give you the full right to become one of the best in the world.

Positions Available in N-Power Recruitment Form 2016

N-Power Teach:  As you apply for N-Power teach, you will be fully trained to help assists other teacher in any government approved primary and secondary schools nationwide.

N-Power Agro:  Once you apply for this option, you will be fully trained via Npower agricultural sector.

Community Education: The function of all successful candidates for Npower teach is to ensure that proper adult education is given to elderly people. You will also learn how to pass civic education knowledge to other people once you are done with your npower training.

N-Power Health: You will revive advanced training that will guide and enable you work with certified medical personnel as public health assistants in any health center.

How to Apply For N-Power Recruitment Form 2016 | www.Npower.gov.ng

1. Visit the N-Power online registration website which is www.npower.gov.ng and apply for N-Power Recruitment Form 2016.

2. First, register by creating your username and password, then sign in.

3. Check the various programs and choose the one you want and click on apply at the bottom of the page.

4. Kindly fill the N-Power Recruitment Form correctly and provide the accurate information and documents to support your application.

5. After submitting, you will be sent an acknowledgment email letter by Npower, confirming the receipt of the application.

6. After 48hours you will be notified by email and the registration portal whether you are eligible for the N-Power program, if you are unsuccessful you may apply again in subsequent programs.

7. If you are successful you can proceed to the test page at the MY N-POWER PORTAL, you will be required to write two tests; general skills test and program specific test.

8. Depending on your program there may be a final interview before acceptance into the N-Power program, otherwise, you will receive an email confirming your provisional acceptance into the N-Power program.

9. You will have to confirm your acceptance to secure your place

10. Specific information and program details will now be sent to your email.

If you encounter a challenge in filling your N-Power Recruitment Form 2016, kindly use the comment box to indicate.

Good luck!!

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  1. i have bn selected buh couldnt fill the acknowledgement form online, it only shows that av typed an incorrect username/passwords

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