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Download Whatsapp Latest Version – whatsApp is an application messenger that allows millions of people all over the world to communicate and share many information, news,  and others. This App allows users all around the world to share videos, images, files and many more online.

Get the latest version  now and enjoy the new amazing features included on the latest version of the App.

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WhatsApp Latest Version App Features


If you ever bothered looking at which apps consume the most data on your iPhone, chances are WhatsApp ranks high up there since you use it to send photos of your lunch to everyone. As if self aware of its data-hungry habits, WhatsApp has revamped its Settings tab for iOS and included a brand new option that every data cap-buster will appreciate. Called Data Usage.


speaking of sharing documents, that one of the handiest update on this App. Now when you tap yo share photos when you tap to share photos, you can simply dive into your favorite online cloud drive  and add pictures from there.

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The new update completely changes what you can do with a video shared in WhatsApp. For starters, any video you download now has the same “pinch to zoom” mechanism that you find in photos. It’s a little difficult to pan-and-scan once you are zoomed in, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Additionally, a new option lets you open any video in a pop-out floating window, just like playing YouTube videos in the background. This way, you can pop that video out and let it continue playing, while you browse your other messages.


This isn’t exactly new but it’s high time WhatsApp added the feature. A recent update allows you to send documents to fellow friend. But for now, there are two caveats. First, it only supports PDF documents. Second, the recipient must update their App to the latest version, else it’ll trigger a failure to send notification.


Make yourself heard. But not to the point of being rude with an all caps ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME message. Instead, just bold your text to bring more attention to what you’re saying, or be a bit more subtle and italics certain parts of your message.

How to Download Whatsapp Latest Version

To enjoy these new  and amazing features download or update you whatsapp to the latest version now. To download click here for fast download APK DOWNLOAD.

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